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Guiding you to your retirement destination

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Specializing in custom-built retirement plans

Guided by the trust and integrity required by our fiduciary standard, we are committed to helping you live your best life by creating a customized, dividend-focused strategy that helps you reach your retirement goals - and beyond.

What makes EVIA different?

As a fee-based fiduciary firm, we believe in a transparent and simple fee structure. 

  • Our Fiduciary standard means we are ethically bound to act in your best interest.
  • We don't earn any commissions. Our fees are based on making money for you.  
  • The only way for us to earn more is to help you grow your portfolio. That means when you win, we win. 
  • You pay only a low quarterly fee that is clearly stated and completely transparent.

We cover the fees that custodians charge for trades.  

  • We don't believe you should pay for additional fees.  
  • That's why we cover any and all fees for trades that may be charged by the custodian.  
  • You pay one fee and one fee only. 

We are able to invest in stocks that specifically reflect your personal choices and values.

  • By investing in individual stocks instead of groups of stocks (like mutual funds and ETFs), we are able to invest your money in a way that consciously aligns with your values.   
  • Are there certain types of companies that you would like to avoid?  Or certain companies you would like to support?  We can show you options based on your personal values!

We don’t invest in mutual funds because most mutual funds have hefty hidden fees – as high as 2%!    

  • Instead, we can accomplish the same goal by deploying your funds in a well-diversified portfolio customized to your personal risk tolerance. 
  • Why pay a mutual fund manager AND a financial advisor?
  • A good financial advisor should be able to accomplish the same strategy without duplicate fees.

Let's get started

Our Retirement Investing Process

Step 1

Define your goals

Perhaps, the most crucial step in the process, clearly defining your goals helps us to develop a specific target and helps you to have a clear and realistic understanding of what to expect.

We use the results of questionnaires and personal interviews to properly define your goals and give us the necessary guidance to develop a retirement investment plan that will achieve them.

Beach chairs overlooking the ocean

Step 2

Discover your risk tolerance

Part of the EVIA approach involves understanding your unique risk tolerance and making sure your portfolio is perfectly suited to you.

We've partnered with a leading-edge technology that helps discover your personal comfort level with market volatility.  

By taking a 5-minute quiz, we can quickly assess your risk tolerance which helps us pinpoint your exact risk number and guides our decision making process.

Take our free risk assessment below:Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Step 3

Develop a customized plan

With your goals defined as well as your comfort with market volatility, we go about the business of developing your custom investment plan.  

This is where we can integrate specific personal choices and values, such as your choice to avoid companies in certain lines of business, or your desire to hang on to a stock your grandfather gave you as a gift.  

Our process allows us the flexibility to accommodate those special requests and seamlessly integrate them into the perfect plan for you.

Financial advisor draws retirement planning chart

Financial advisor tracks portfolio status

Step 4

Deploy your assets

At this point, we thoroughly research the universe of dividend paying stocks and individual income investments and find the ones that help us to achieve your goals.  

We build your portfolio across a dozen market sectors, with a mixture that gives us an appropriate balance between expected performance and market volatility.  

Once we’ve built the portfolio, we don’t expect to make large, frequent changes.  This process, however, is continuous as we strive to maximize total return.

Step 5

Evaluate and review

Communication is key to a strong relationship, so we'll schedule a time to evaluate your portfolio at least once a year. 

We want to make sure you feel informed, have a chance to ask questions and let us know any changes in your life that might necessitate modifications to the plan. 

Those meetings may take place in person, or electronically, whichever way you prefer.

Client and financial advisor celebrate success

Let's get started

Our Firm

Founded in 2014, EVIA is an investment firm located in Carmel, Indiana, in the heart of the Arts and Design District. We are a boutique firm that focuses on helping those planning for, or in, the retirement phase of life.  

Unlike the large firms, our clients enjoy personal attention and customized strategies that cater to their personal values and goals.  We like to get to know our clients on a personal level so we can guide and deliver sound investment advice that works best for their unique situation.

Dan Reichart, MBA Photo

Dan Reichart, MBA

Founder & President

Dan has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, spending much of that time working  with clients while managing a team of advisors for large investment companies.  He brings that wealth of experience to providing solutions for his EVIA clients.  He completed his MBA at Ball State University and continues to grow his knowledge through reading and research.

Dan is an active volunteer for  the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and is a past board member of the Central Indiana chapter of the March of Dimes. He and his wife, Christy, are the proud parents of Evan and Olivia, who also happen to be the namesakes for the company - EVIA Investment Advisors.


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